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Surgical FAQs

We strive to keep patients well informed about conditions, options and care and minimize anxiety throughout that empowerment.

Our expert skill and knowledge provides a range of treatment capabilities and produce outcomes that improves patients’ quality of life.

When is surgery considered?

Dr. Dagam will consider non-surgical methods first and considere surgery only when necessary.

What medication can I take after surgery?

Most often you may continue taking prescribed medications as previously directed, however Dr. Dagam and his staff will discuss any medication changes with you before sending you home. This may include prescribing you a pain medication to help make you comfortable during your recovery.

If I have surgery, when can I expect to return to work/activities?

This will vary based on the type of surgery you have. We also will consider the type of work you do or activities you participate in. In most circumstances, moderate daily activity (especially walking) is recommended.

Can I drive after surgery?

This will vary depending on the patient, the type of surgery you had and your recovery process. In most cases, driving is discouraged for the first two to six weeks depending on the surgery. For some outpatient procedures, driving can be resumed once off of pain medications.

Will I need to wear a back brace or use a walker after surgery?

Dr. Dagam will determine prior to your surgery if you will need to have any durable medical equipment (back brace, cervical collar, walker, external bone growth stimulator) for your particular type of surgery.

Will I be able to go through metal detectors (airport security) if I have any hardware implanted during surgery?

Yes, you will be able to go through metal detectors without any problems.

What about having an MRI if I have any hardware implanted?

The type of material that spinal hardware is made of (usually titanium) should not interfere with ou having an MRI. Always be sure to inform the facility performing your MRI that you do indeed have hardware.

What things should I be looking for that would require an urgent post-operative appointment?

We encourage you to notify Dr. Dagam’s office at 414-488-1818 if you have:

  • Increase redness, swelling, warmth, tenderness or drainage from your incision
  • Flu like symptoms including a fever of greater than 101.5
  • New weakness or change in neurological status
Smoking Cessation

Quitting smoking is the most important thing you can do to help improve the success of your surgery. Nicotine prevents bone growth, putting you at risk for failed fusion. Also, smoking decreases blood circulation in potentially decreased wound healing and increased risk of infection.

Diabetes (or Blood Sugar) Control

Proper blood sugar control is critical to be eligible for surgery and for having a successful outcome. Nerves may become damaged by constant elevated blood sugar. Additionally, elevated blood sugar interferes with proper would healing and increases risk of infection. We often measure a patient’s long term blood sugar control with a Hemoglobin A1C (HbA1C) and look for values as close to normal as possible. Dr. Dagam will inform you what HbA1C is safe for surgery.

What Next?

“One thing that really surprised me after my past surgery, when I didn’t get to see Dr. Dagam afterwards, he personally called me the next day to see how I was doing. Definitely shows that he cares about his patients. I also love seeing the PAs and receptionist that work along side Dr. Dagam. They are all second to none!!!”


We listen and we empathize.

Doreen Lackowski

Practice Manager

I’m Doreen – Practice Manager for Dagam Neurosurgery. I joined Dr Dagam’s team in 2013 with 15 years of medical office experience. My commitment to Dagam Neurosurgery is to make sure all of our patients and their families experience the best care possible. What I love most about my job is getting to know we as a team made a positive difference in someone’s life! In my spare time I enjoy reading, baking, traveling, watching movies, listening to music and spending time with family and friends.

Sonia Moore

Medical Record Specialist

My name is Sonia and I have been the Medical Records Specialist at Dagam Neurosurgery for 5 years. I provide, obtain and prepare records for patient charts, attorneys and other providers involved in the patients care. What I like most about my job is my coworkers. Working well together allows our office to run smoothly and provide the best care possible to our patients, that’s what I’m passionate about. Outside of work, I enjoy cheering on the Brewers, Bucks and the Packers - especially going to the games with my family and friends. As time allows, I also enjoy painting ceramics.

Boe Boedecker

Physician Assistant

I'm Beau Boedecker, Physician Assistant with Dr. Dagam since graduating from Midwestern University in 2010. What I like most about my role is patient care — from their first consultation evaluation to all of their follow-through. This includes being in surgery alongside Dr. Dagam. In my spare time, I enjoy a hodgepodge of astrophysics, baseball, traveling the world with my wife and sipping a good cup of coffee.

Cathy Pabich

Surgical Coordinator

My name is Cathy and for the past 4 years I have been Dr. Dagam’s Surgical Coordinator. I do my best to make the surgery scheduling process as easy as possible for all our patients, every step of the way. What I love most about my job is knowing that the outcome of a patient’s surgery helped improve their quality of life, which makes dealing with insurance companies for procedure authorizations all worth it! In my spare time I enjoy being with my family, shopping and watching the History channel and Food Network.  

Tina Spritka

Lead Medical Receptionist

My name is Tina and I am the Lead Medical Receptionist celebrating 5 years with Dr. Dagam and his team. After many years of experience in a Neurosurgical clinic, what I enjoy most is knowing that I make a difference in the day-to-day routine of our practice from triaging phone calls to scheduling appointments. In my spare time I enjoy being outside gardening and traveling with my husband.